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Intelligent Pump Power Saving
- Mar 28, 2017 -

Reduction of energy consumption and reduced industrial organization's input costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Efficiency needs to gradually change, began to consider the total life cycle cost, not just the initial purchase and installation costs. Unfortunately, user has yet to accept the life cycle costs of industrial pumps, on the contrary, many of them still rely on outdated technology to make a decision. This often results in an obvious waste of energy.

According to the US Department of energy said, industrial consumption of water pump motors in industrial applications with a total energy of 25%-50%. For users, the data show a very large cost, also showed increases in energy costs. Many factories and companies, was the biggest factor contributing to increased costs of energy expenditure.

Studies have shown that, through the implementation of modern intelligent pump system, intelligent regulation water supply needs of the industrial plant, can achieve significant energy savings while reducing their carbon emissions.