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  • Supercharger


    Supercharger Supercharger is a small size of ambient vaporizer, it’s applied for self-pressurizing of the ISO tank or other cryogenic tanks to unload liquids. It’s widely used in gas plants, steel mills and equipped on mobile tanks, such as road tankers , ISO tanks and etc. Working Medium: LOx /...Read More

  • Water Bath Electric Heater

    Water Bath Electric Heater

    Water Bath Electric Heater This type is much like the Water Bath Vaporizers. It’s , as well, got heating pipes immersed in the water and heats up the water to gasify the cryogenic fluids. But normally it’s used as combination behind ambient air vaporizers to ensure the gas temperature for the...Read More

  • Electric Water Bath Heater

    Electric Water Bath Heater

    Water Bath Vaporizers (Heater) The cryogenic liquid goes through the pipeline immersed in the hot water, using the heat of the water to transit into gas. At the same time, the temperature of the gas are guaranteed at no less than 10℃. Working Medium: LOx / LIN / LAr / LCO2 / LNG / LC2H4......Read More

  • Ambient Air Vaporizer

    Ambient Air Vaporizer

    Ambient Air Vaporizer Ambient Air Vaporizers use the ambient temperature to heat cryogenic liquids(LOx LIN LAr LCO2 LNG, etc.) in fin-shaped pipelines so the liquids are fully evaporated rapidly under the working pressure. Working Medium: LOx LIN LAr LCO2 LNG, etc. Capacity: 50-16000 NM3/H...Read More

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